Monday, August 22, 2016

Floor Dumbbell Press Is An Underrated Exercise

When one thinks about the subject of weight lifting, there are most likely a few key workouts that immediately come to mind. Among these might be bench press, squats, shoulder press, biceps curls, etc. However, there are several workouts that don't quite get the attention that they deserve. One of them is the floor dumbbell press.

One of the great things about this exercise is the fact that very little equipment is required. In order to perform the floor dumbbell press, one only needs a set of dumbbells and, well, a floor (though a floor mat is certainly helpful as well!) For those who do not wish to join a gym, it can be a very convenient, in-home workout.

The floor dumbbell press is an upper-body workout and trains both the triceps and chest. There are many who might find it to be the perfect supplement or even alternative to the traditional bench press. According to, this exercise can be less taxing than the bench press for those who may experience shoulder issues. The reason for this is because of the ability to use a “neutral grip” (palms facing each other) and the lessened range of motion. It can also ease tension on your lower back. 

To learn how to perform the exercise properly, one may want to either click on the link above or check out this YouTube video with WEE star Triple H.

Of course, I am not the one to tell you whether or not this exercise is right for you. But certainly do the research, see what you think, and then decide for yourself whether or not this is a workout that you have been overlooking. 

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