Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Mystique of a Pocket Watch

Dear readers, 
I suspected that it may be time for me to write another post about a manly accessory, as a significant amount of time has passed since I published my stories about Zippo lighters, pocket knives, and money clips. As you can see from the photograph above, and tell from the title of this post, the item I have elected to write about this afternoon is a pocket watch. Moreover, the pocket watch in the aforementioned photograph happens to be a Relic brand pocket watch. I have owned it since my 10th birthday. My father bought it for me as a result of my fascination with western movies, and my enthrallment with westerns and pocket watches lives on to this very day even after all of these years. At any rate, in an age where the preferred, and most popular, method of telling time appears to be looking at your cell phone, carrying a pocket watch is a terrific way to cut your own path and stand out in the crowd. Trust me, you will most certainly convey the message that you are a throwback if you are spotted with a pocket watch.   

Till next time,