Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things Alpha Males do: Build Campfires

I have never met anyone who does not enjoy a nice campfire. Whether you are roasting hot dogs, or just having a good conversation, sitting by the campfire is always an enjoyable experience. Moreover, to build off of my last post about friendship, I happen to believe that there is nothing better than the camaraderie that comes from sitting around a campfire, with a few good pals, and drinking a few premium beers, and having a few good laughs. There is also something primal and special about the aroma of a bonfire as well. Just for fun, I thought I would chat a bit about how to make a campfire and provide a few good links on the subject as well.

Brett and Kate McKay have a terrific article on entitled How to Build a Roaring Campfire. This article begins with a premise, which I agree with, which is that there exists a primal link  between man and fire. Brett and Kate McKay also make another point, which I agree with, which is that every man should know how to build a fire. They then delve into the instructions on how to build a fire, and describe the three essential fire making materials which are tinder, kindle, and fuel wood.

Learn the definitions of these three essential materials and read the rest of their article right here:

Brett and Kate McKay also have another article on called 9 Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches. They begin this article with the same premise as the article I spoke of above, but add that a "manly man" should know how to construct a fire without the luxury of matches. They claim that you will never know when you will need to know how to start a fire without matches, but present the hypothetical scenario that you may find yourself in the Alaskan wilderness, and go on to describe that this is what happened to Brian Robertson, the main character in Gary Paulsen's fictional book Hatchet which I happen to have read back in the 5th grade and highly recommend as it is still one of my favorite books.

Read the rest of this article and learn the nine ways to starts a fire without matches right here:

Also, in case you are wondering, the fire pit shown above is a "Landmann Big Sky Wildlife Fire Pit" and can be found right here on Landmann USA's website:

Till next time, pals -