Monday, June 3, 2013

The Perfect Pasta

The photograph above shows one of my favorite pasta dishes which is comprised of whole grain elbow noodles, marinara sauce, asparagus, and lean, tender, and delicous steak bites. It almost reminds me of a meal Artie Bucco would have prepared and served at his upscale Italian restaurant Vesuvio in the show The Sopranos! 

I would just like to take a moment to talk about the health benefits of whole grain pasta. Janelle Commins has a nice article on, which is entitled "Whole Grain Pasta vs. Regular Pasta," in which she describes some of the benefits of selecting whole grain pasta as an alternative to regular pasta. She acknowledges that while whole grain pasta may, in fact, take longer to cook and chew there is no denying the fact that it is usually higher in fiber and that it also contains important B vitamins.

Michele Turcotte, MS, RD, also has a great article on in which she makes the claim that whole grain pasta can actually help lower cholesterol and could even help prevent cancer.

I would also like to recommend the article "History of Pasta" by Justin Demetri on If you are interested in reading about pasta throughout the ages, and learning a few fun tidbits such as the fact the average Italian consumes more than 60 pounds of pasta per year, which happens to dwarf the mere 20 pounds the average American eats each year, then I think you will really enjoy reading this article.

Till next time,