Sunday, June 30, 2013

Old Fashioned Conversations

Face-to-face conversations almost appear to be on the verge of becoming an obsolete, lost, and forgotten art in the digital age we are living in today. People are becoming increasingly addicted to new technology and gadgets, and tweeting and texting seem to have fallen into favor over traditional communication. Likewise, it has become difficult to have a conversation with someone without their attention diverting to their smart phone at some point during the duration of the discussion as well. 

It may seem archaic, but what you are witnessing in the photograph above, is a couple of guys, exchanging a few words, and having a good old fashioned chat on a classic cedar picnic table while sipping on coffee. Moreover, if you take a closer look, you will also notice that neither of these two gentlemen are texting, updating their Facebook status, or checking their Twitter feed on their smart phones. Furthermore, you may have also noticed that they are not listening to iPods, but are enjoying the music of mother nature instead. It is certainly not uncommon to see people sitting on their picnic tables, decks, or patios, or walking or jogging, with their iPods plugged into their ears during the early morning hours. The question of why anyone would want to deprive themselves of enjoying the sheer and utter brilliance of the birds chirping after dawn will likely always remain a mystery to me. 

At any rate, while some of the new technology we enjoy today may be entertaining and fun, nothing is an adequate substitute for quality face-to-face conversations, which people have enjoyed for thousands upon thousands of years, and long before the advent of cell phones and the internet. I hope you have enjoyed this post, as well as the photo which was intended to remind everyone of a simpler time.     

Till next time,