Monday, August 22, 2016

Floor Dumbbell Press Is An Underrated Exercise

When one thinks about the subject of weight lifting, there are most likely a few key workouts that immediately come to mind. Among these might be bench press, squats, shoulder press, biceps curls, etc. However, there are several workouts that don't quite get the attention that they deserve. One of them is the floor dumbbell press.

One of the great things about this exercise is the fact that very little equipment is required. In order to perform the floor dumbbell press, one only needs a set of dumbbells and, well, a floor (though a floor mat is certainly helpful as well!) For those who do not wish to join a gym, it can be a very convenient, in-home workout.

The floor dumbbell press is an upper-body workout and trains both the triceps and chest. There are many who might find it to be the perfect supplement or even alternative to the traditional bench press. According to, this exercise can be less taxing than the bench press for those who may experience shoulder issues. The reason for this is because of the ability to use a “neutral grip” (palms facing each other) and the lessened range of motion. It can also ease tension on your lower back. 

To learn how to perform the exercise properly, one may want to either click on the link above or check out this YouTube video with WEE star Triple H.

Of course, I am not the one to tell you whether or not this exercise is right for you. But certainly do the research, see what you think, and then decide for yourself whether or not this is a workout that you have been overlooking. 

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cold Showers vs. Hot Showers

Hey folks,

I know it has turned out to be a long, long time since I last posted, but I am now officially ready to reboot the blog. After a lengthy hiatus, I am very excited to begin a whole new chapter of The Way of the Alpha Male. 

I plan to focus many of my future blog posts on fitness, nutrition and healthy living. In the first installment of these articles, I would like to talk about the benefits of taking cold showers.

I first started doing some research on this subject last spring. After reading about some of the amazing benefits of taking cold showers, such as improved immunity and better breathing, I decided that it was worth a try.

Unsurprisingly, after years of taking hot showers, it wasn't exactly easy to make the switch to cold. It was really a slow, gradual process, but eventually I was able to get used to it and make the change. In the months since, I have experienced an overall improved feeling of well-being. After a cold shower in the morning, I feel healthy, energized and ready to tackle the day. 

In my humble opinion, the greatest benefit of taking a cold shower may be the improved willpower that comes along with it. I feel that taking cold showers has improved my confidence in areas that might seem unrelated. 

There are many uncomfortable situations in life, such as going out and meeting new people or stepping up to the plate and trying to get your dream job, that really aren't all that different than taking a cold shower. It may be a bit difficult at first, but in the end, you might be happy you did it.

Of course, cold showers aren't for everyone. It can be a bit of a shock, and from what I've read, those who have certain heart conditions are advised to steer clear of them. That said, it has certainly been an interesting and rewarding challenge for myself, and I wanted to share it in my return to my blog.

Until next time,

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Update On The Blog

Hey guys!

This post is just to let everyone know that the old blog is still around, and I plan on rebooting it with some fresh content one of these days when I have a little extra time. I know it has been quite a while, but I still have high hopes for The Way of the Alpha Male, which I remarkably started more than two years ago. Special thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read this short update.

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thoughts On American Heroes Channel's New Show "Gunslingers"

I have long been a fan of old west history. Therefore, it may not surprise you to learn that I have been watching Gunslingers, American Heroes Channel's six-part docudrama. The series, as many things seem to be doing lately, has been going by quite fast. It has already crossed the halfway point, with episode three, which was about Jesse James, airing this past Sunday at 10/9c. The first episode was on Wyatt Earp, and the second covered Billy the Kid. It is my understanding that the following three episodes will deal with Wild Bill Hickok, John Wesley Hardin, and Tom Horn, respectively.     

Basically, the show sets out to tell the truth about these famous -- or infamous -- old west figures. Every episode is packed with interesting information and in-depth commentary from old west historians. On the aforementioned Wyatt Earp episode, Kurt Russell, who played Wyatt Earp in the 1993 film Tombstone, actually appeared as a commentator, which I thought was really cool. However, I certainly wouldn't have minded seeing Val Kilmer make a cameo to share some of his insight into Doc Holliday!

From all of the movies I have seen about Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, and Jesse James, in addition to the reading I have done, I already knew a lot about the background of these old west characters and their stories, but I have still learned something new from each episode nevertheless. For example, I never realized that when Wyatt Earp was hanging out in Los Angeles during his later years, he befriended a young John Wayne who was still going by his birth name of Marion Morrison at the time. I never knew that Frank James was a Shakespeare fan, either.

Anyways, if anyone reading this has been watching, I would love to hear your thoughts. If you haven't been watching, I highly recommend that you begin doing so. If you don't have American Heroes Channel, then find a pal who does!

Till next time,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Year Of Blogging and Lessons on Perseverance


As some of you who are reading this may realize, it has now been over one year since I started my blog, The Way of The Alpha Male. I started TWAM in May of 2013, when I was fresh out of college, as a means to jump start my writing career. Obviously, by the title of the blog, I wanted to make this a place where I could write about "guy stuff" such as outdoor adventures, historical topics, hunting, fishing, cooking meat, beer reviews, tools, dogs, trucks and movie/book recommendations etc. However, as I pointed out in Sixteen Principles of the Alpha Male, which to this day remains one of my most popular posts, this blog is also about personal growth, being positive, perseverance and being an all-around good person.

As a matter of fact, writing this blog has given me a heightened understanding of perseverance. I have learned first-hand that it takes time to establish yourself as a writer, even though I had previously been warned about that fact. But I have known for several years now that this is what I love to do, and I am still determined to make a career out of it. I am also dedicated to continuing to grow as a writer, and I will never stop working on honing my skills and mastering my craft.

In addition to writing this blog, I have also been attempting to get my foot into the door of the world of sports writing for the past five months. As I mentioned back in February, I write for Rant Sports now and specialize in covering the Detroit Tigers, a team I have been rooting for my entire life. Feel free to read my articles here.

That said, I still haven't forgotten about my blog. It is still just as important to me today as it was the day I started it. Even though the posts have not been as plentiful lately, I plan on remedying that fact as I promised in my last post. I have been doing a bit of brainstorming lately, and below you will see topics for blog posts that I plan on writing about in the very near future.

-- A review of the Sparkie Firestarter and WetFire Tinder from Revere Supply Company
-- A review of the book Appaloosa, one of my all-time favorite western novels which I have mentioned on here before. Yes, it also eventually went on to become a movie in 2008
--The mental and physical benefits of getting fresh air and exercising on a weekly basis
--Reviews of exotic game meat
--Last but not least, more stories and lessons about perseverance and having a strong mental attitude.

On one last parting note, it may surprise some to learn that I am a big fan of the 1980s hit series Miami Vice. I recently learned that Don Johnson starred in a handful of failed pilots before finally hitting it big with the role of Det. James "Sonny" Crockett. That just goes to show that one should never give up, but must continue pushing forward until their dreams become a reality.

Till next time,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An Ode To Spring Time

Howdy guys,

It has been a while since my last blog post, and I just wanted to take a moment to remedy that. The calender has now turned to April which means that next month will already mark the one-year anniversary of the day I started this blog. I began this blog back in May of 2013 simply because I came out of college as a guy who knew that he wanted to write for a living, and I figured that starting a blog about the things that I enjoy would be a good vehicle to help me get started down that path. I am a guy who simply loves getting his thoughts down on paper and being a storyteller, and I plan on writing a book someday. I am very thankful for all of you who have followed me, read my posts, and commented on them.

The fact that it is now April also means that warmer weather is finally on the way. The photograph above shows our pal ,Karli, who many of you have read about, laying on the grass back in June of 2010. Believe me, she is certainly looking forward to the change of seasons as well!

Of course, April also means that baseball season is now underway which many of you know is very important to me. Besides, one can trace the "Alpha-Maleness" of baseball all the way back to Babe Ruth, so I should be writing about it on this blog more frequently!

I grew up with the sport of baseball and I will never forget the sights, sounds, and smells that spring brought for me. I can still hear the pinging of the aluminum bats, the sound of cleats on a dirt infield, the chirping of the birds and I can still smell the freshly cut grass. And as far as I am concerned, there is nothing that will ever match the smell of a brand new leather baseball glove. The time I spent on the baseball fields with my dad and my brother, and the teams I played on from T-ball through high school, will always remain a part of who I am. I can also remember where I was on Opening Day of Major League Baseball season every year for at least the past decade!

Spring is also turkey season in many states, which I know is a hobby of many people who have followed this blog and added me to their circles. If you are going out, I hope you have a great time and I wish you the best of luck.  

To wrap things up, I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to make a serious commitment to rebooting this blog, and I plan on inducing quality content into it on a weekly basis from here on out. My blog is very important to me, and although it has taken me much longer to get it to take off than I had originally hoped, please believe me when I say that I still mean to see it flourish.

Thank you all very much for reading, and please feel free to let me know what your favorite part of spring is!

Till next time,

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review/Recommendation of "The Dudes Guide To Manhood" by Darrin Patrick

As anyone who has come across this blog and glanced over one or two of my posts should know by now, I started this blog back in May of 2013 with the intention of creating a site that would mainly be dedicated towards things such as positive thinking, being healthy, personal growth, and discussing all things manly. However, as I would soon come to discover, I was not the first person to come up with such an idea. Some of you have read my review of The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide  by Frank Miniter, and know that it is one of my go-to books and will likely be a permanent resident of my book shelf. A few short weeks ago, I learned of another book entitled The Dude's Guide To Manhood by pastor Darrin Patrick. I decided right away that I needed to purchase it, read it, and write a review of it. I simply knew that it would be a perfect fit for this blog.

The book begins with forwards from Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and NFL running back Steven Jackson, which leads us to an introduction from the author himself in which he tells us a little bit about his personal background. From the get-go, Mr. Patrick is very open about his own life and the struggles and challenges he has faced throughout the years. Once the book begins, he makes frequent references to both movies and baseball to get his points across -- which makes this my kind of book!

Speaking of baseball, one area that really hit home for me was in the very first chapter when Patrick spoke of how he was a catcher on his high school's baseball team. Although he was a good defender and could clobber any fastball, he had trouble hitting the curveball. Heeding the advice of Jack Buck, the St. Louis Cardinals' legendary broadcaster, Patrick writes of how he took a tee into the gym and hit hundreds of balls off of it every day for a period of two months. His intention was to learn how to keep his weight back, and drive the breaking ball to the opposite field.

Although hitting the curveball was never as easy for Patrick as hitting the fastball was, eventually he could do it (Patrick, 3). However, it took a lot of work and consumed a lot of his hours.

He uses this as an example for how to adjust when we are thrown curveballs in real life, and speaks of how his aforementioned experience taught him of how true commitment and determination is absolutely essential if one seeks real change or improvement -- in any aspect of life. I really enjoyed this analogy as I have always personally thought that baseball is the perfect metaphor for life. This entire chapter is basically dedicated to how to overcome certain adversities of life which everyone will inevitably be faced with at one time or another. Patrick describes how one can triumph and persevere over these challenges as long as they have determination (Patrick 4).

Unfortunately though, he describes how some men fail to adjust and decide to throw in the reins. He speaks of how it is easier for some to just bury their heads in the sand, and focus their attention elsewhere rather than painstakingly and relentlessly pushing themselves to figure out how to hit the curveballs that life has thrown at them (Patrick 4).  

I will not bore you by going through every little detail of the rest of the book, and I don't want to spoil it for you either, so I will try to keep the remainder of this review as concise as possible. The book is essentially what the title describes: a guide or a map for manhood. It is simply a book for men who want to become better men. In addition to Mr. Patrick's great advice on how to persevere and adjust when "life throws you curve balls," he also has chapters on the importance of being coachable, being content, and being disciplined. Towards the end, Patrick also offers advice on being a devoted family man. There is also an overarching theme of positive thinking and having a strong mental attitude throughout the book.

At any rate, it is a great book and men of all ages and backgrounds could surely learn something from it. It is a book for those who seek to be mature and responsible "dudes" as Patrick would say. It has most certainly earned its place in the Manly Book section of TWAM! 

Till next time,

Patrick, Darrin. The Dude's Guide to Manhood: Finding True Manliness in a World of Counterfeits. Nashville, TN: Nelson Books, 2014. Print.